Hey Hello Everybody and Welcome To the Ameerpet Escorts Service, are you there for the looking Independent Call Girls in Ameerpet, we ares seriously serve you the something different service, I have a question for you forget things easily do I need to can you do a lesson on the difference between these three easily confused words and their remember remind and memorize easy to understand to keep your focus and I'm sure you'll get this right first version which is remember the word remember what does it mean remember when you yourself try to think of a past experience of some kind of a memory ok so you yourself try to think about Ameerpet Escorts Service of a past experience or a memory do you know my name so here another person maybe is asking me do you remember her name that person is asking me at Escorts Service in Hyderabad, if I myself can think you know thing going to my memory and think of that person's name do you remember her name ok so remember is used when you think of. Aur Main kya cell very important next one year place I have been here before beautiful sentences why do you go to school annual day after a very long time you can tell your friends of whoever is along with you you are not I remember this place at Ameerpet Female Escorts, I have been here before and I really love the food so here you have thinking of a past experience or a memory and that's why you use the word remember and not anything.

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I can't remember the name of this track what happens sometimes that you listening to a great track and you really like it a lot and you have heard it before possibly many number of times but sometimes at that moment you just can't remember that you can't go back into your memory and think of wind remember the name of that particular track and what is the track by the way it is nothing but a song remember is always always used when you yourself are trying to think of a past experience or a past memories ok remember remind on Ameerpet Female Escort ok now right symbol on to Remember is that you use remind when someone else or something else something external influences your memory something someone else causes you to think of a past experience ROM memory ok it's not you yourself something else someone else at Escorts Services in Hyderabad will look at the sentences and this is something that my mother uses very often ok she keeps telling me Soniya please remind me to pay the bill who gets very often am like the person who keeps reminding hope all these things so you know this cases telling me to remind her of something because she can't think of it herself at Escorts Service in Ameerpet, I am the person who influence our memory social service please remind me to pay the bill ok so reminders used when something else hell makes you remember think of something next one year this my childhood looking children or maybe a younger person and I feel that you I was just like this when I was a kid I didn't happen sometimes that's when you say this boy remind me on this girl reminds me of my childhood I was just like him not even I was a kid remind because it is a mixed with someone else if some external force something else that's reminding me.

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I can't say this boy remembers me of my childhood I will sun absolutely wrong is a strong don't do it this way others girl reminds me of something bluetooth remind me to take your pills few sentences sometimes we need to read people tend to forget it take the medicine and posing it's a family member or maybe your child you know you may use this kind of a sentence so here as well if you know this you ask I need to remind you ok external phone if someone else or something else that needs to remind the person at Ameerpet Escort Service to do something in this case to take the pill to the medicines mind is used only and only when something else or someone else makes you think of a memory makes you think something find me we have memorized delete the sun from the member and remind ok the word itself sound by different the spelling is entirely different so don't get this confusion memorize put something into your memory here trying to get something into your head to memorize something at Escorts in Hyderabad, I want to memorize the lyrics of this song shooting competition or maybe you just want to impress someone and you want to sing a song in a factory so you want to memorize it means you want to learn are you want to put that information in your head to later than you can remember so you have to memorize which name you putting information into your hair good information into you memorize something if you know this memorize also come from the word memory fine here at Escort Service in Ameerpet, I haven't memorize My annual day speech on no that is very bad adhir champion interactive courses from the world best in structured data science and Analytics memorize memorize is nothing but the past tense of memorize memorize faster.

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I haven't already put the information to my head I need to do it fast I haven't learnt I haven't put the details finally it's difficult to memorize so much information student for example and you have an exam and not relevant studying like 2 days before examination and now you will obviously find it very difficult to memorize everything you know anything will be difficult for you so here when you needed Ameerpet Female Escorts, I say memorize the show me the same thing to basically put some information into your memory to learn something different words remember remind and memorize quickly can remember Hyderabad Escorts, when you yourself try to think of a past experience or a memory something else or someone else which you think of something when you try to put some information maybe from a book of on the Internet you try to put some details into your memory ok so here we are the end of this lesson at Escorts Service in Ameerpet, I now hope that you understood very clearly what's the difference between these three was make sure that whenever you use then you use them very distinctively and you know exactly how to use them I hope that you enjoyed watching this lesson I definitely enjoy giving always example back soon something you feel the music.

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