Hey Hello Everybody and Welcome To the Begumpet Female Escorts Service, are you there for the looking Independent Call Girls in Begumpet, seriously we are serve you the Top Class Model Service, whatever, whenever you needed just contact our Escort Agency, How are you my name is Michelle welcome to the lesson thank you I do why people thought like this in Begumpet Escorts just like a robot this is how we have learn Begumpet Escorts in our school Din sometimes you not speaking like this with sounds very unnatural and not sold normal human being and my name is natural face robocraze that we have S hello how are you we are friends say that that that something unnatural I have told you everything would generally say what you needed there you can find, I am saying how are you saying had it is language and it does not mean what's up in the sky it means how are you and how are things with you but I know that you can use how are things have a things at your end at Escorts Service in Hyderabad WhatsApp helpline reducing hello how are you thank you select Begumpet Escort Service, thank you thank you so much thank you so much that you are not going to use this phrase anymore that a better way they saying this is what you can say I really appreciate your effort I know that was not found in natural rather it sounds very formals so you will want to use this phrase at work maybe you needed Begumpet Escort, I really appreciate your effort you are telling someone that I am a very good job can a good job which means a lot of thanks a bunch of like a lot of thanks coming together like a book our Begumpet Female Escort.

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I am giving it to you thanks but you can answer with your friends in general or maybe even you calling it the first one and if you really need your best friend and you want to thank him or her you wouldn't even want to say always you will simply save us with the highest I like this year hi happy you are you sure my joyful and time right now you have the next Robotics like service at Begumpet Escort Agency, I don't understand you don't understand something you don't want to talk like this you can simply say I didn't quite follow you which means I was not listening to what you was saying are you calling me or not right now listen carefully follow you sometimes a process I didn't get you which means at Escorts Services in Hyderabad, I didn't understand you you do not have to use the word understand to talk about not understanding someone there other phrases in sentences that have the same meaning as understanding someone for not understanding someone expose we had is awesome here this when we are interviewing people when people appearing for interview there was a Female Escort in Begumpet, I graduated from Southampton University in physics department really really did you study project I forgot that you did not study Begumpet Escorts and you said that it's really awesome say I university and if you have want to say that you studied at Begumpet Escorts alphabet Universities and maybe you will only want to say the second third and remove the first part which is died you die die die die Begumpet Escorts SRT Begumpet Escorts universidad and if you do not want to tell the subject you studied at I did hey everyone is arithmetic syllabus for Begumpet Escorts honours and Begumpet Escorts print a journey kerala like escort girls at Begumpet Escort, I search for it on the Internet ok you search for between like you really sorry didn't it for something on the internet no no no you cannot take on the Internet you usually look at on the internet for you check out on the internet.

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So I asked for it on the Internet and I check you can use any this instead of saying that you search with it for some information very very very very very good ok I try something to be very good for you the robot themselves so much if you want to kiss you want to say this fantastic so you have done for actually using only one word and your feeling in the same emotion in just one word then say anything Thursday you sing you don't like this word then you want to say this magnificent ok that's good degree of something link fantastic magnificent for you so this is how you can avoid talking like you select Begumpet Escort, this lesson we have learnt some interesting ways to sound very natural and very human right in saying hello how are you I really appreciate your shalini want to thank them to say thanks so much to your friend at Hyderabad Escorts and if you are best medicine to study for being so good to me the next invite for you please don't write that in the coming I feel very bad I hope you really followed me and understand whatever you need Begumpet Female Escort, I thought you and also don't write I didn't get you I like to hear that you got me you went to support University for you did physics about first university and maybe you studied brother brother kya puch means you searched now not searched but you just said you and you look that was checked out for information on internet on topic endless run this message was absolutely fantastic and this lesson is magnificent at my end I hope it was great at your end to come back to listen to me and talk like a natural speaker of Begumpet Escorts for human unless you got it I would you have fun and this is a great lesson from my side for you this is machining.

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