Hey Hello everybody and welcome to the Khairatabad Escorts Service, If you are seriously looking for the someone there you can find Independent Call Girls in Khairatabad, there only fulfill your valuble dreams, Hey what's happening all good are you face oh my god sees me question please you don't have to tell me what to do for people saying things like look this normal people saying that stopping sarcastic you are just too much to handle when you are facing a problem problem is understanding people are having you and you are the one who will bear the negative consequences at Khairatabad Escort, if someone who is leaving to make people understand that what are you are simply stuck in bad communication which are called being misunderstood Escorts Service in Hyderabad which you should you must lead a healthy communication instead of being misunderstood by people eon this video on hello senior where at Khairatabad Escort, I will tell you the reasons why you misunderstood so that you can get them in the back and get rid of them and then don't want to live a life with heavy communication link in the description new York today I am going to ask you a question that you are saying something to someone humans will bite humans it for the right reason but with you in any negative things like please you don't tell me what I have to wait.

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I don't get it why are you the longest cell in another cell maybe you're the one who is saying things like you put me in a wrong way I didn't mean it that way please understand what is happening what is happening misunderstood and this is a sign of clear that communication it is because you have to explain yourself to others right even if you mean well and it is bad communication because people do not understand and you are being misunderstood well it is a very bad thing to have even after that today what is get to know what are you saying that we are doing that is making out price at Khairatabad Escort, I don't want my viewers to be misunderstood I want your communication to be underwater guys let's get started and let you know what are the reasons and Raveena Tandon at home when Escort Service in Hyderabad, we really thinking that O my God I am talking such that thing but intelligent word that Escort in Khairatabad, I am learning on laptop and I am using them with people but the. Shut the audience around you have you can go home and the people before you talk you are trying to use really smart work and intelligent word with people who cannot associate with us you're going to save word that are completely not in my dictionary what am I going to say I'm just now going to understand it and I am I just you know have a deaf ear on your voice because I am not going to associate with sentences and slowly.

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I will talking you and stop thinking that I will There She Goes again with your smartness what do you know the smartphone can never understand Odia are you talking to elder people then Friday using language that they understand and not feeling well because it clearly don't understand this is there your prayers for your calling for your pan and then you can make sure that you can keep really intelligent word safe for your work of the other people but not for your friend if you're talking with young people at Escorts in Hyderabad and juicy and take a rest what you think can be used within maybe you just said something ok only talk to 5.8 and nothing to normal to make people understand you about 12 People talking over someone is talking you suddenly have to put your nose in with the point of view of your own that happened here the youth great people sentences and bhajan video princess will and would you have to say no matter if you are at workplace if you are in college school in the middle of friends of family you not with this habit because the person who select Khairatabad.

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Is it is simply disrespectful right and then you in turn this respected by others right. You may be you have something really really valuable wishes that when you search sharing it was written by somebody else ok you are not going to appreciate it is not going to listen to it and automatically you become the one who's this respect for one and you will face negative consequences for this was the next time when you have something valuable they will not listen to use instead they might take a wrong turn and go on a long life and you just might be blamed for that make sure that you do not virgin wait for your time wait for the right time with Escort in Hyderabad, when you know you have something valuable to share the time you get that value people people why the next one should happen to be my problem that Khairatabad Female Escort, I was misunderstood often you know what the boys I spoke without checking the weather over I mean to say that I am I just say things to people without understanding in which situation there for example I remember that my mother used to come home tired from work.

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I say things like know why did you make their food supply I mean I wanted to have something interesting and the chances that she is really really chutney with curd and sour if that's the problem why don't you just come from tomorrow onwards I will be happy not to forget Hyderabad Escort, I will be not happy not my mother I promise I never understood or considered in which situation or mood season michael face horrible traffic on highway and then I still have become a without understanding for possession and that is what at Female Escort in Khairatabad, I mean when I say shut the weather before you see husband photos of sun is your problem you always think your emotions have to play the first priority and my family also that the chances are you will always be kept thinking wrong about others and people will think of you as a company man who can understand others try not to be that person.

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I have learnt from my own mistake and apply for was valuable to share because I wanted you to learn math problem of being misunderstood in reason for being misunderstood is because it's not in our hands and let me tell you that sometimes you are not a problem sarees knowing its of the forget that the line that the other person and you started on white just think negative think of that person how many good things you want for them and that is why your sharing these things with them at Female Escort in Khairatabad, they will never take your comments in a healthy way for your suggestions in a healthy way they will always interview of that person who is just too much for them to handle for them it is you are testing the negative person understand yourself in the first position and the relationship you had with the person in front of you at Hyderabad Escorts, if you get this thing that maybe this person will never want to understand me or my point then sometimes it's just not you guys I right now that you have always in your hand while you are being misunderstood if you go and just try to be the person who has a great communication with most of the people around you and try not to be the one person is under 12 if you know someone who is facing the same problem make sure that you share this with them so that they get notified that the day I was living in another lesson in another video this is me Meera saying.

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