Hey Hello Everybody and Welcome to The Khoti Escorts Service, If you are seriously looking for the Someone we are her serve you the Independent Call Girls in Khoti, Confused confused ok so into this lesson we have something recording forward noun pronoun noun or actually Explorer nice look floral they always have enough in the end ok and plural nouns are followed by singular verbs don't be so if I tell great Khoti Escort is too much money but why so as per our glamorous and things that you learnt till date we always believe pronouns are followed by sharing buttons discuss it will it is different it was funny talk about the quantity or an amount it is always followed by singular I cannot say hundred dollars are too much money always followed by a singular verb yes and no if your child asks you could have $10 is too much pocket money for a day remember this fixed amount and quantity is singular or even though the noun is ok but it is quite a distance not similar to the above sentence I have a plural noun miles more than one my xxxix so then you have a plural noun year is unit 13 miles equal to distance ok 30 miles are a long way to walk you don't say that this a 39 is is a singular verb ok 13 miles is quite a trip fix the mountain quantities even though there followed by a singular fine small connect example one of my friends now my one of my ok I am getting an example germany dogs ok but you select Escorts Service in Hyderabad, if I tell you one of many ok so one of the drugs so I missed a plural because there are many dogs but I am talking about 11 of many to one of my many friends ok is an athlete now again if you see the plural noun is followed aditya Mukhopadhyay College Canada courses in the world's best status isostructural buy a singular verb you must be thinking why is it so it's very simple because.

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I am not talking about all the dates and talking about one of them so 180 of my friends ok so have one is an athlete right so just because you have a plural noun you do not use the proverb and say one of my friends are no that is incorrect one of my friend is one of my favourite dishes is one of my favourite song is because I have lots one of them is ok remember that it's very important so one of my friends are coming to this allows people make this mistake they say one of my friend is one of my favourite song is one of my colleagues know if available followed by singular verb please remember this Escorts Services in Hyderabad for the expression one of my friends one of my favourite song one of my favourite dishes of my colleagues so put the floral followed with singular I hope this is a lot of people making mistake ok paperback zara store items food items why do we need a single now it's kind of a compound noun compound noun is something that not so I have milk and sandwiches for breakfast bread and butter was opened together used together on spoken using together to nouns always followed a singular followed by a singular so say bread and butter was sold for practice through the flower that has more than one noun but because select Khoti Escort.

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I always come together more often than not they take a they are followed by a single ok so it is a bacon and eggs for dinner bacon and eggs when you use them expressions with an ok so I call you later and coffee and there are two now our friends remember now beautiful pic let's do it fashion definitely it's very clear it's it's a specific more than one that means of AC the Kudi menu reasons why one expression ok followed by have you say something about she has got more than one reason to celebrate what reason create survival talking more than one noun noun in singular and have a singular Ok friends the next one more than one person example as most singular noun I am not used people ok I say more than one followed by a singular verb people are going to be far more than one people is going to be fired this is have the expression is more than one noun singular to it imply floral opposite of more Escorts in Hyderabad than one followed by a single ok remember this more than one singular noun singular verb is good news for if a friend asking about news WhatsApp no news is good news is often perceived or wrongly proceed as a plural noun yes it is it looks like a problem now but it is singular so it stands for north east west and South Sumo used is is good news unknown because it has kumkum Bhagya San Pata Road user no news is good news vIP kitchen breakfast lunch now followed by a singular verb similarly videos aerobic aerobic ok it looks like a plural noun is is a singular verb today aerobics are great fun no aerobic is and was the last one sirf Economics is preparing for me yes I never like the subject economics economics now always open but one subject is singular looks like a pronoun because of the S followed by singular published University Economics are on mathematics all because that is not correct this is how we deal with floral long follow the singular words I do understand sometimes it gets bit confusing asymmetric key and you cannot get lost and speak in correct sentences on I hope this one's for you and this Prince me to the end of this service.

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