Hey Hello Everybody and Welcome to the Krishna Nagar Escorts Service, If you are seriously looking for the someone her we are serve you the Top Class Model Escort in Krishna Nagar, When it's OK to get attention and to do research about it how much will you improve your Krishna Nagar Escorts teacher if you rather se carry out of research and retention think about it so cute impressive Krishna Nagar Escorts teachers institute in this lesson with me my name is Michelle and in this lesson I am going to help you choose a better word for most of the nouns that you know why do away with the Boring that make have and start and left alone to the right of learning letter word that we have this to do a crime for you might be saying ok don't worry it's not wrong Escorts Service in Hyderabad is OK to do a crime that correct Krishna Nagar Escorts but a better word for crime would be to carry out to commit a crime OK then doing a crime to commit a crime then you can say that thing on the head is it ok if such that the combination of noun and verb and I wish you would know that is a verb and noun or verb and noun combination to sound much more natural and much more interesting for the next one day jokes really project ok did you give me carefully do you know someone who tell really poor jokes that.

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I say some jokes no I said someone help poor jokes ok see you do not say joke you tell jokes you crack jokes facebook you know someone who tells you really pojo you can tell everybody you crack really photo for you tell really poor joke I think you should start to crack better job right now ok now that you can use with the word is life real life we do not say lies with her life of course why do not accept this year and nice like you don't tell me lies tell lie tell jokes for possible to crack jokes great look at the next one that we have and this is to get correct ok but this is not Vang do not worry it fine to get courage and be motivated and its awesome to be motivated but the point is here we are talking about a better world is in it takes courage instead of saying get grades doesn't matter zip lock up Karan ok and if you want to use in a sentence you could say Escorts Services in Hyderabad, I didn't came into an introvert the question from the world best in structured data science and analytics anywhere anytime but you don't hi to marry him with me he got the courage to ask her to marry him to you actually said the same thing with feathers verb and noun combination what we have to give attention I am sure you are giving attention to this lesson but it would be much better if you pay attention to me ok so you pay attention and you also give attention but it's much better too High Tension wires and giving attention so tension enjoy down everything that.

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I am telling you can these are some really good advice for you ok sleep ok sleep take a tension and another noun that you can use with his compliments you also of a compliment is going to give compliment is better to say thing compliments sadasivpet me a compliment yesterday ok next we have protest means to need to protect OK when there is a reason when something leads to a process so what about food shortages using delete a protest so I recently read this headline where it is written that the food shortages in the city figure it is in that awesome interesting craft project as the newspaper headlines as the recent food shortages have figured theatre which movie have left to cry ok so we can say triggered the desk instead of saying Hospital the next one you can definitely have interest in something ok but it's better to say generate interest or right so if you want use it in a sentence if you need to think of new ideas to generate interest in your product or right to generate interest officer generate ideas you need to generate new ideas to get people more interested in your lessons books does not coming at Escorts in Hyderabad, I think I have a no new ideas for you to keep interested ok let's look at the next one that we have cigarette injurious to get injuries but it's much better to say thought about someone who got injured Krishna Nagar that turn sustained severe injuries in the accident ok which means to experience engineers also get injury over the next one that we have to keep a job ok there are some people who are very bad at keeping a job but what does it means to get hold of a job or to hold a job which move from one to another people who cannot just work in the same place for very long time Keeping from one job to another.

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If you want to tell me something you can say how to jot down secret say that you just cannot hold a dropdown which means that you cannot work at the same place for a very long how to show coming late night you're welcome to this week we're in this week facebook logout Escort in Hyderabad time. Welcome to the next one which has to start a conversation ok we really need to do away with starting something ok but stop starting the conversation and let's start speaking a conversation with so much more interesting so vacancy strike a conversation and if you want to use it in a sense you can save and ask for a conversation with a girl at the restaurant ok which me that he started the conversation with its natural to strike a conversation Vasant se start a conversation history boring and we'll surely not interest your Krishna Nagar Escorts teacher ok with that we move to the last ok now I want you to play some attention ok listen to me carefully all the combinations we have you hear verb and noun combinations which means that the verbs and nouns like this one strike which is the verb and conversation for the noun and this is true for all of the ok you can check that out in the next to that we have first comes the noun and then considered to be the different ways of combining verbs and nouns together flash ok sir fire hydrant but fire also takes at which means when it starts sablok are you talking in the past and brake pad if you talking in the pattern.

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If you can use it in a sentence you can say the fire broke out in the middle of the cities so here here is the noun and broke his work there is nothing without you made her in the new it's over ok over often breaks out rather than starting se the route between the two countries that we come to the last one that is a gamble succeeded so huge huge rest ok it's a game where you put all your money at stake in order to win more money ok but in real life gamble means when you invest something in order to gain something ok so useless sometimes you might lose or vegetable vested with another cases you don't lose and you win something converting something even larger than what you have invested in that case the Gamble sexy ok with it was saying I'm saying gamble succeeded you can say Rambo Hero when start a new business or Hyderabad Escorts start the business I thought you were getting into a huge risk that ultimately the business succeeded and I told her lady yogambal made of which means that you are where is not always you actually that you didn't open Subway Surfers come to an end this lesson we have learnt awesome verb and noun and noun and verb combination now you know which work to do so weak the benefit and win the phrase of your friend request.

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