Hey Hello Everybody and welcome to the Kukatpally Escorts Service, there you can Find Independent Call Girls in Kukatpally, only her you can find independent escort ladies, Tubidy Welcome Back To let services means whatever you want to doing good A grade because today I have got to determine is for all of you yes you heard me right all and whole are determiners what will be determined determine of set a complete set of something write something that is you know a whole part of something wrong something and a causes you the same what does it determined something that is it complete set anything right and we need to know what the difference between both their actually so similar and the only way that you can differentiate them is the situation that I used in a particular awaiz and situations that you can I didn't know what are the differences and how knowing the simple things that is what is all and what is hole in make your English better come join me in this class and understand how we going to separate Escorts Service in Hyderabad and whole let's begin with the first example all the Kukatpally Escorts are present right person will always come after also the right and they are these determiners are used before noun noun something remember all the Kukatpally Escorts at matter that means we are actually talking about hundred percent of anything how exactly the reason why I am saying many things because today 2010 2015 all 50 Kukatpally Escorts are present 100% of many things and their present all article and then now this is how you would remember the use of it is it is 100% of many things one student many Kukatpally Escorts now I am going to make sure that.

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I will compare the same sentence right away present this is a difference ok article has come before the determine so article hole the article always come before that speak about hold it actually mean 100% one thing sachi bol do you understand native speakers Kukatpally Escorts are separate write a to z identities but when we use it in a collective form we use a class in this case we using class and that is why class become one thing of many Kukatpally Escorts why is used determine the class and not the student right ok now that is the basic difference original want to this column again he is busy all the time so maybe you called him now he is busy maybe for while his free again and then you called him when you call him again he was busy right so when I say all the time in this case is actually means that Escorts Services in Hyderabad the busy oK get busy again and again but whenever you called him he was you use the term all the time his his busy the whole time like I said hundred percent of time table when you called him he was busy and otherwise also and like this you will busy the whole time every hour of the day even when I use the toil it could be crazy crazy you never know what were you the whole time literally now having said that is my family my his her it right the project using the word or all nut and then you give the when you have the noun with your right this is something that you must remember hole in the case of coal business come before the determiner hole lived in France ok I could be that there is a few members who are not there but such as I am I am talking and sending in another country and I am talking about all my family living in France that means.

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I am I out of control and the rest of my family is installed but guys when were talking about my whole family live in France that means literally everyone I know and that I don't know everybody live in from that is what it means when we talk about wool in this case for what will you do remember that when you talking about how to attract people sushmita Sen pawan Singh Institute once you have this message daddy second. If you need some help with always keep on possessive adjectives adjective the placement of the Escorts in Hyderabad and later the possessive adjective when we talk about her and then the word moving onto the next exam over all advice is the same as this is what difference in terms of this but what's the difference of this is bad advice is uncountable noun right so whenever we talk about any uncountable noun for that matter they gave her the whole advice is incorrect that is not having you you how you would use Oliver when we talk about uncountable noun and that is something that you will remember ok now similar something different the whole summer on the beach whole time song beach only that mean time period of the total duration that what I'm trying to tell someone.

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The time period or duration in general we speak about any duration to anyone we will use the determiner Hoon all the summer on the beach is incorrect ok all the summer in this case and who is incorrect in this this is something you would remember over and this is something that you would make sure to remember on this site I am sure if nothing the basics of year the one thing that you remember is at hundred percent of many things at Hyderabad Escorts makes it all ok but hundred percent of one thing will make it hold and other things such as the article over or uncountable noun for possessive adjectives in this is something with you remember you will not be confused and you would not confuse others when using all hope I hope to the circle have some of your Conclusion and you don't make so V actors with being sentences with examples in your daily conversation ok now that's why I wanted say hi. Hi practicing this is mean mirror shining.

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