Hey Hello Everybody and welcome to the Lingampally Escorts Service, If you are seriously looking for the someone we are serve you the Independent Call Girls in Lingampally There you can Find only top class genuine escort ladies, Lingampally girl here we go Lingampally cold wax to hi how are you and what I am doing this small sizes do I just slept with the kind of work you going to learn with me today my name is Michelle and I am glad to have you with me and we have some interesting words with us we have to start with the word smell which is our topic for the day talking about smell what you have experience you definitely speed some good and also some bad smell smell is a neutral word that can be used for good smile oats now but how do you understand whether it is used for a good one you can understand that true and example or through a context by understanding the words which are used Around The World now so if we say that I love the smell of egg bread obviously that's good smell right so we can used for good a good smell love Escorts Service in Hyderabad, I know the lesson goods now then bad smell when we say that your shoes outside then obviously we know that it can be used for bad smell what look at the next word that we have something that Stinks so things from am going ahead with the back side of the words no we cannot hear the word things for something that stings smells very unpleasant and not so nice you can say that only kitchen sinks is miscible thinking and hear the word Stinks is a verb it smells bad bookMyShow use the word think as a noun by saying that or this is used think coming from the washbasin yeah that's where you are using the word think as a noun we can use another noun there will be no show coming out of the Indus basin now we can also use the word think as an adjective not just the word not listen noun and adjective used as an adjective when something is very stinky that's why the world becomes an adjective when you say that it is King hi I need some time the word think he is also used in a positive way by trying to say how good is a secret say that.

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I like this Pinky goat cheese so because of everything we know that the goat cheese most likely bad but you love that smell of the goat cheese because you love me then go to do something he can use it positively To Admire is now the way you have staying synthesis things you can also use the word weeks which is also used for an unpleasant smell secret say that the house weeks of smoke this means that you could smell snow, everywhere in the house weeks means it's a big and dislikes things used for unpleasant smell an unpleasant white next Friday we have it would be you this message this is also a negative but you have it when something is slightly real life is still not why should you not had a bath for a number of days then you are smelling receipt so when someone is not taking a bath for a couple of days in a smelling bad introducing that you smiling baby could say that you are starting to get a bit with Escorts Services in Hyderabad means you are starting to smell a bit bad this walkins now ok sBI when you are trying to say that means look at a particular smell it will be good or bad or just a particular smells like this particular somebody she is in that saving after shaving small way to take it easy to say that I got away when he passed next to me right away of after shave when I caused by him such a way to get the web you cross used with with the word pandan pandan leaves a very strong and British now it is the more than unfezant it's much more than and less MB this is better and it's very very strong so you go to fish market you get a pungent now city news pungent and West Together by saying that when I went to the space market I got a fundamental right thing on with the negative we have the next one which is an active now so I could is the time is now when you think something burning so if you have a building which was on Fire which caught fire sometime ago.

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If you can see lots of smoke rising from the building and when you smile building like that you have a natural smile and that accept smile on your face burning sensation in your throat in your mouth and you just send it so it's now this never so strong that you almost start taking it in your mouth and have an experience like that I am sure you will also having experience like that the win every something is burning you most likely like you staying here and you just can be the next used when something is there very very like if you go into wednesday ladies pepper price going to do nothing that we know traditions only wardrobe not even at wishing you happy Women's Day 65 happy furniture.com hR building in which day you know the windows in the drawing have not open for very long time and for us no one has been there you go there you are possibly buying an apartment of long time sales now the next one that we have medicines for Masters now so much years when you are ok this is the smallest to get in a library for some people the lavitra some people they don't like it you have been love reading books with lover at Escorts in Hyderabad smart itself it's my bad smell what is the condition that you get from something which is damn you have slightly wet and very very old usually papers old papers old books that's so kind of knowledge you get in a library cTC developed Masi fragrance in the library and if you don't like a beautiful love them I don't like the musty smell of books so please remove this box some positive and negative both cute red beautiful is used when something has declared it is smell of decay something you know has completely broken just rotten and it smells terrible it's been like that for many days like rotten meat secret say.

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I hate the smell of you terminate all will rock and needs nutrient we could you say like that is why I will come to an end of this and if you want to choose for the degree of you have experience but now is the famous Malli to get from food and drinks and its effects that makes you want to eat before also possibly smelling write some where you can smell the Aroma of rice we can smell the Aroma cheese and you want to have it it smell from and if something smells very good you can also say that the food smell aromatic which naturally men leather small food smells very good you didn't say that the fruits have scored you can say that the fruit smell aromatic percent percent is a particular smell again and positive as a good smell just like a roller is a particular row that you get from something at Escort in Hyderabad, so will you know if you got two candles to beautiful candles they might have sent you might have a good smell you can say that what they can do that I got have a lovely friends lovely sunao how to use cents in face of the word for feeling that it's not actually a correct you said a perfume for the whole The Perfume and not a saint write the next one that we have is its fragrance very common word and that also the topic of lesson 50 grams is a sweet note that you get from flowers and that how you can remember this word for that we have pregnant if we have flowers to the sweet smelling flowers the flowers have a delicate fragrance this means that they have a sweet and nice soft fragrance facebook hey can you think of something related to flowers.

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When using paper bouquet yet as a noun bouquet also means a lot of flowers a group of flowers had together when you offer to someone that you love very much did Biki otherwise again as a noun is also means a particular type of fragrance it's a good pregnant is a good smell that's why the fragrance and this is the parents that you get from wine or liquor any sort of Liquor liquor what youTube my favourite white wine is my favourite white wine from and their region is my favourite because it has gotten ok ok ok ok as a particular type of trees and this is the kind of fragrance that you get from white wine see to say that white wine has been working bouquet and Martin ok fragrance with his way you are talking about wine so whenever you talk about the Aroma from Lucas you would use Hyderabad Escorts, the word bouquet the next one that we have as gift of something that gives after see this is a phrasal verb because it has preposition and over it you can use them together to talk about the fragrance of the smell that comes out of something we will say that rusting iron gives of estranged now this means a string smell comes out of rusting iron come out best place to talk about this now just one of them so I hope this is helpful for you and you can talk more about the kind of fragrance that you like in the smile so cute so don't like and thanks for having me I hope you had a great time why.

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