Hello Everybody and Welcome to the Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escorts Service, If you are seriously Looking for the some one there we are serve you the Independent Call Girls in Mehdipatnam, High Profile Female Escort in Mehdipatnam, Formula for congratulations to all of you guys have done a great job or other you are doing a great job well done in Mehdipatnam Escorts and you covered all the basic steps in Mehdipatnam Escorts moral sentences and you're very happy about that time to take your language skills to the next level not hire yes don't you want to pursue should because it is imperative to understand the various aspects of sentence the different types of sentences for you can you send and you can understand when others are using those sentences while speaking to you and what you want to be lost one then what to do something that I know of course not go to that so this is 40 days lesson is about but it again at Mehdipatnam, I don't know other that request you to subscribe to the channel just click and press on the beautiful Bell icon Escorts Service in Hyderabad there quickly quickly and it means to do it and we'll get notified about all the upcoming light reflection yes it's about active and passive voice not a foreign ok it's not that technical it's very simple but it is important for you to stay on and watch entire listen to the ends because select Escort in Mehdipatnam, I have processing where you may get stuck while using active and passive sentences for that in the end so hold on weight and learn ok let's start on the same profile is so called for children of complex lesson, I have chosen to only cover the present tense today will go out and 5/4 there is no confusion the first body facts about a dog for a walk generate curiosity and a comment tell you what's up Lagna and Samantha outdated so, I have generated that you have to face because here select Mehdipatnam Escort.

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I am not told you who told me that I have been told do you know he told me a cause not and I don't want to tell you do for me because someone has not do let's see how we can generate ferocity or speak even more effectively in Mehdipatnam Escorts vita narrate a story to the children haridwar of the action or the subject what you know before and they have an object along the Simple sentences Sofia the subjective and objective some work KMPlayer at any point of time to go Mehdipatnam Escort, if you with public would be as to what is an object and object is a person or thing on which action is done OK it is not the last word of the sentence there is not the object and narrating the children narrating a story of confused ask question ok and you have you flying together can hardly free no at call girls in Mehdipatnam, I will I will become my help of any no that actually you could be Tanha web project in a better way or other inputs is not that bad a story OK what makes the object into a subject for this has become my subject is narrated to the children by Rita ok you do not change the doer of the action story Escorts in Hyderabad eating curry tomato how do you ok subject become the present tense past tense passive voice you have to remember that you cannot change that then it will remain in the present tense soul to keep it in the present Mehdipatnam Escort, I use the word is a story because it's one ok story is narrated to the children but it short stories narrated to the kids by the seashore.

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I have put it from active to passive ok so your you have the simple present tense at the simple present in object object object object above course in the past participle form and add a supporting work to maintain the 10th ok rustic look at the next example in present tense the doctor is treating these days ok so what is a present continuous you have the present continuous tense treating these patients when I walking into hospital outpatient increased by to talk who who is the question of eating what in this issue because our people you have been ok Mehdipatnam Escort patients object become subject for you have any subject you are being treated now let's go step by step put it in the past participle form and because it is in the present Escort in Hyderabad continuous tense you cannot change it for you say are being is being bng which is the present continuous form of the verb is used in passive voice because to maintain the continuous form and have been because I can put wording will you know will get confused because it Mehdipatnam, I am I love you so this weekend Academy we have because it's on the art of public speaking about communicating your ideas understand the doctor is but your patience outlook by that means the doctor is still doing the action do you have put this sentence in the passive voice object and he still remains the tour of reaction please remember you cannot change the duo friends because if you do that the whole meaning change like you cannot say the patient patient are treating the doctor know if that hello ok don't even think about that are being treated by the doctor doctor simple present continuous Passion Plus season X1 we have Present perfect tense the students have played this game object explain what what the game object tenses present perfect and play now is already in the passport film great job in 10 year ok this game has played become strong.

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I want to tell you the games has been played so your report been ok in present ok mounting ok so you have this game has been played by the student I have followed the same rule I made this object the object you bye ok you have a new update this game has become to the subject but has because one day ok I can't say the same has been paid to remember when you are changing subject object the verb has to agree with the new subject in this day I have a present perfect passive voice like I told in the beginning I have been told that Daniel and Samantha dating so I have been told so that is the present perfect tense I not mentioning who because I don't know what you can do that time you know Hyderabad Escorts how to no confusion is what happens in a first so why does your brother write such Sports present tense why does your product all you need to do if 3 star from active to passive voice remind me to copy the question you want to keep it in the question from now why are message subject check your sex interchange you have why are such poems verb in the past participle why are such poems written by your brother I have maintain the 10th subject object object saponification ok fine tell your brother your brother I say ok I can just say that you.

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I don't take his name and leave or you no sound be lately interactive courses from the world best instruction dhaka University that how you open properly in Life OK I do in question question remainder questions subject object object object in the password I have to write ok I need to pay because people all over the world Mehdipatnam Escorts spoken by people all over the world first lustrous identify subject ok verb object what is spoken now you will go with the normal rule of object subject subject subject Social Study and you will come up with Mehdipatnam Escorts is spoken you put this Hyderabad Escort Service and past participle inviting people for short form past participle by people all over the world but there is a catch people are saying this and people are saying that or best questions would be with people ok they they ask me to come their food group of people and talking about but people is indefinite we are going for a picnic would you like to join our first question who all are coming yeah he is so when you have an indefinite pronoun in the passive voice you will not use it for the correct sentences Mehdipatnam Escorts is spoken all over the world so you can have things like we say someone are people OK when in passive voice you will not used by the people by someone by us ok generally the rural new you happy new subject and verb in the past participle with the supporting work in this case if it is so Mehdipatnam Escorts is spoken all over the world full stop so remember there are all exceptions to the rule 18 September important that brings me to the end of active and passive voice only present tense for after a level practice you can go out and use of the space and effects of boys generate curiosity sound lenses and take your language to the next level funny but true with an essential then take care and back.

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