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Hello mike testing my name is amalgam something that happened to me something and sorry I understand that everybody turn on the person things that aggravated healing what do you think that a dispute is already ignited dreams repeating the same words awesome to make a point in the same word so oLX in more applicable or more substance use disorders and many words for the same situation ok so if you have a friend who was crying so because you have to tell you something if you can jammu replace the word understand and make you sound that I'm ok thought for the day before and white meaning of appreciate is to understand what so that means you understand the situation for the faces of his absence completely for shape of you coming to apartment how can I understand what it means to me what is cost of debt I get back. Fascino when can you find a reason and logic behind it get that you can take the keys of information on knowledge at something about you can see in photosynthesis Escort Service in Hyderabad I am going to say something something I'm missing something to you and you are trying to say yes I understand what so I get I got up happy with where knowledge when you say where of Pakistan and I know how it feels you but you mean it is very famous is Inferno sir if you think of something interesting question and I will be able to help you If you allow me that how you use the word I am aware of in a very simple where was it again saying I am aware of oven you understand by this and that is happening of somebody is saying something very important to you and your friend to calculate ok this is happening that happening here trying to get it on the understanding what exactly is happening around you are happening in a particular that centralisation and now I realise that pronounce realise realise the pronunciation in C if a better way of saying.

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I understand how I am going for I realise it is quite difficult see you at the moment I realise that you are not in a very good physician to talk to me you are saying I understand that you not invite him realise and you the other word how is the weather out there in our life something important to you anything to calculate ok this is happening happening here trying to get it on the understanding what exactly is happening happening in the centralisation is pronounced as I realise realise realise the pronunciation in C if a better way of saying I understand how you are going to realise it is difficult to use at the moment I will also not in a very good physician to talk to me I understand but not in moving on another one and a beat him and I said that you and you azad Singh giving you didn't say something with her question new south otherwise I able to track in the situation situation maybe you don't know able to Escorts in Hyderabad your attention of Glass what is happening around ayurvedic the next one I have for you it again it will come banjo something is happening and you don't know me the outside and events happening inside a room is don't know what is exactly happened technical University diagram lakme you usually you need to draw something so when you use a good thing about information that means you can I have to use in infosphere sophisticated associated understand or interface katmoviehd information which is not the best third language is right but if you say I inform him for the weekend for this saree is talking about some Furious 6 open previous activity so you can you survive in such interface supported by have to us know when I said this to understand understand understand situation suppose that we can you understand hope you got you got my life.

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